QUALITY-SPORTY-LUXURIOUS. Coy Coy is beautiful swimwear that is unique, effortlessly sexy, and wearable. We are a premium swimwear brand made from the finest imported Italian fabrics and custom prints. We also take pride in that our products are made here in the USA! Coy Coy is the quality you expect, the comfort you crave and the luxurious feel you want. 

After growing up on the Central Coast of California and being inspired by the pristine beaches, epic waves, quaint coastal villages, in 2011 Dana took that inspiration and designed a line of bikinis which led to the launch of Coy Coy Swimwear (named after her first born son). As a self-taught seamstress and pattern maker, Dana uses her own personal lifestyle and surroundings as her guiding design principle. Design and Swimwear are two lifelong passions that reflect in her comfortable fitting, luxurious feeling and unique looking swimwear designs. 

In Dana’s own words: “I am so inspired by beach culture and my family who have deeply planted themselves in it. Having a family of avid surfers and a husband who travels the world riding waves I find myself being in a bikini as just part of my life. Life is a beach. Get out and enjoy it!”

Dana Curtis can be reached through LinkedIn or dana@coycoyswimwear.com